Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Get Back Up, Inc. Substance Abuse Treatment FacilityGet Back Up, Inc., located at 4216 McDougall St, Detroit, MI 48207 is an 80-bed, 20,000 square ft. treatment facility. Our Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center currently serves adult males eighteen years of age and older who desire treatment for alcohol, drug, and other addictive behaviors.

Dr. Billy Taylor at Get Back Up, Inc.GBU’s residential program is a structured 24/7 therapeutic treatment environment offering both short term and longer term care, from one week to one year. GBU offers residential and non-residential outpatient services. In addition to offering safe transitional housing, the facility is very proud to offer 3 meals a day prepared by our chefs. These delicious meals are prepared in our state-of-the–art kitchen, with a serving capacity between 100-150 people. To compliment this unique service, GBU offers an on-site educational program to teach residents the culinary arts as a potential career choice following discharge.

We offer a cognitive behavioral therapy model to identify thoughts and behaviors that reinforce substance use disorders and provide the tools necessary to change them. We also provide dual-diagnosis services for clients struggling with both chemical dependence and mental health issues. Clients are referred to our programs by a broad spectrum of concerned members of the community which include the criminal justice system through the State Department of Corrections, federal circuit and district courts, friends, family, employers, and community service agencies and hospitals.

Our staff includes counselors, social workers, and mental health professionals, all licensed by the State of Michigan, that specialize in substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Additionally, medical care professionals, non-medical aides, mentors, volunteers and other distinguished members of the community will be on board to share their expertise in various areas related to the recovery process.